You can download this Wordpress theme at this location . Included is the font used in the header, a psd file, translation instructions and the theme itself. This theme is not widget-enabled.

In order for the ‘recent comments’-option to work, you need to install the plugin called Simple recent comments. You can find this plugin here.

4 comments op “Download instructions for the Speakr theme”

  1. javier said:

    in firefox no center image

  2. Amer said:

    Hi man, i got the simple-recent-comments plugin but it shoews “Recent Comments” with a big font and i couldn’t re-adjust it to integrate with the bg-sidebox-recent-comments.png picture , so help me plz to modify this.

  3. b0o said:

    awesome layout just WOW

  4. neutronics said:

    look at my blog ur modified ver. of Speakr theme :)

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